The ‘You Exposed’ series explores topical social issues by telling the fascinating real-life stories of people going through their own amazing journeys of self-discovery

Duration: 46:17 Minutes

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Distributor: Off The Fence Productions

This episode – ‘Sex, Lies and Double Lives’ – takes a look at several characters whose private lives contain intriguing and sometimes shocking secrets, or who have surprising (and often sexual) hidden flipsides to the personalities they showcase in public.

We meet Paul Anderson, who’s an author and crime reporter for The Herald Sun. In addition, he’s an expert on the famous tale of Herman Rockefeller: a man who seemed like a happily married multi-millionaire, but who in fact used multiple aliases to cheat on both his wife and his mistress, and pursue a swinging lifestyle that ultimately led to his barbarous murder.

We’re also introduced to Andrew Coon, who hid his bisexuality from his wife Lyndal, and we hear how she coped when she eventually found out about his dual existence.

Next up are Mistress Alex and Stephen: a dominatrix and her slave. Alex is out and proud about her profession. However, Stephen – who works as a project manager on building sites – is more shy. His family knows about his tastes, but not his colleagues or friends.

‘Eva’ – a corporate high flyer who wants to keep her true identity anonymous – was desperate for intimacy following her divorce, so she booked a night with a male escort named ‘Steve’. She enjoyed the experience so much she set up her own escort service for women, with ‘Steve’ as her first employee.

Then there are Julie and David, a couple into partner swapping who revel in their lifestyle choices – yet Julie has not told her two young children, her parents, or her new workmates what she gets up to.

To put all these stories into context, we hear from sex therapist, author and social commentator Bettina Arndt, and practising psychiatrist Professor Jayashri Kulkarni.