‘Girl Fight' examines the growing trend of girl-on-girl violence, told through the eyes of the young women involved

Duration: 48:09 Minutes

Unfortunately, this content is not available in the following territories: Australia, New Zealand

Distributor: Off The Fence Productions

The ‘You Exposed’ series explores topical social issues by telling the fascinating real-life stories of people going through their own amazing journeys of self-discovery.

We meet a gang of girls named The Kempsey Mob, and hear about how they’re involved in battles that often start with an argument on Facebook and end up as brawls – or ‘digs’ – that are broadcast on YouTube.

We’re also introduced to Monique: a bright young girl, but one with a short temper. She’s just been involved in a huge fist fight in a mall in which she narrowly missed being charged with assault by the police, and her parents are heartbroken.

Stacey’s phenomenal rage at the age of 15 made even her family cower in fear. She ran with a bad crowd and got involved in drugs, yet at 17, she’s currently trying to build a more positive future. With a challenging history though – and a younger sister who seems to be just as violent – she has a long hill to climb.

Then there’s Angie Parr, who fights professionally rather than in scraps. She says that the discipline and rigour of Muay Thai training has changed her life – and now she’s facing one of the toughest competitions of her existence as she enters a mixed martial arts ring to compete against Kate Aroa, a feisty five-foot single mum from New Zealand.

Other women speak of how roller derby serves as an outlet for their emotions, while mother Joanne tells us about how she’s founded a therapy group called Tough Love – after a shocking fight in which her daughter attacked her with a knife and she retaliated by biting her child in the face.

A shocking and thought-provoking programme, ‘Girl Fight’ pulls no punches.