Sunderland Royal Hospital is at the heart of one of the fattest regions in the country and the Weight Loss Ward is like a conveyor belt with thousands of patients turning to the knife to beat their morbid obesity

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But getting surgery is not easy. In this episode, we meet 56-year-old Doreen Thomas who is 4 ft 11 and 31 stone. She is a recluse and lives with her dog Hope who also has been put on a strict diet. She has turned to the Weight Loss Ward for help but even moving out of her front door is a problem. 29-year-old Laura Lamb has failed twice to get on the surgical list and has just 3 days to lose 2 kilos before her operation or it will be cancelled. And we catch up with 40-year-old recovered alcoholic Sara Porrit who had gastric surgery last year and who has found that a year on from her operation not all her problems have been solved.