In a world where the lottery of nature predicts your shape and size, there’s a strange competitiveness attached to holding the title of the Fattest Pet In The World

Duration: 47:19 Minutes

Distributor: DRG

Although there’s little money at stake, the fame and prestige of the title continues to drive pet owners across the world to apply to Guinness for the World’s Fattest Pet category. Recently Guinness retired the category leaving a vacuum in it’s place. With no other definitive authority on the subject, Mark Dolan is determined to find out for himself who the World’s Fattest Pet is. Stopping off in America, Germany, and the UK to track down the world’s fattest pets, he gets an insight into their relationships with their owners, and delves into the unusual subcultures that surround them. Throughout his journey he discovers a world of casting sessions for fat dogs, websites that exchange tips on the most fattening diets for pets, and uncovers a world of obese animals with increasingly short life expectancies.