Three year-old Lakshmi Tatma was born in a remote Indian village with four arms and four legs, the result of a half-formed, parasitic conjoined twin

Duration: 48:00 Minutes

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Villagers declared her the incarnation of Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Fortune – but her parents defied their opinions and took her for surgery in the city of Bangalore

The operation made Lakshmi world famous – but her story is not yet over.

She faces more dangerous operations as well as unforeseen medical complications which threaten her recovery.

What’s more, in Lakshmi’s home village jealous neighbours – upset at the family’s decision to start a new life – have placed a curse on Lakshmi, a curse that may lie behind mysterious and sinister events.

Only if Lakshmi and her parents can win over the village, lift the curse, and solve her medical problems will she ever have the normal life the family have always dreamed of.