A REVEALING documentary explores what it is like to live the 'high life', as it follows the lives of real-life GIANTS



Christopher Greener, who died in 2015, was Britain's tallest man measuring 7ft 6ins

Only three in every million people fit into the exclusive group, and do so by breaking the seven foot barrier.

King Size: The problems faced by the super-sized are never-ending

The insightful programme tells the 'tall stories' of some of the most extraordinary people on the planet - and provides a window into what it is like living with everything that comes with it.

Feeling Isolated: Bao Xishun from China is one of the world's tallest people measuring an incredible 7ft 9ins

The larger than life characters are stared-at whenever they leave the home, and also have to face a barrage of searching questions from strangers. Superhuman - Giants also provides a scientific explanation of how the human body can grow to such incredible heights.