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One stylish pup! This adorable pooch is known as 'Britain's Best Dressed Dog'

From the pint sized pooch proclaimed as ‘Britain’s Best Dressed Dog’ to a quintet of New York Doggie Moms and their ‘fur babies’.

We get a VIP all-access pass into the elite world of cool canines in the big apple, including an invite to a doggy wedding, or pup-tials to those in the know.

The furry creature's accessories rival a human's wardrobe

We meet Beyonce, the rescue puppy who weighed in at just one ounce when she was born.

This super tiny survivor became an internet phenomenon earlier this year when photographs revealed the pup comfortably sitting on a soup spoon and we find out her moving story first hand.

But what about our feline friends? Bring on the pocket kitties – Golden Persian cats that are under half the size of a standard Persian and the extraordinary experimental breed of hairless moggies going by the name of Bambino.

In Scotland there’s a Guinea Pig with a Guinness World Record.

Overcome with Olympic fever, long jumping Truffles took a leap of faith into the record books.

But he isn’t the only talented pig in town, we meet Poppy the Micro Pig as she prepares for her debut performance at a dog show in Cheshire.

The tiny critters include a pocket-sized mouse wearing a sequinned dress

Princess Confetti works as one of only four guide horses for the blind in the world and hasn’t only changed the way her owner Cheryl deals with her disability – but has changed how people she meets deal with it too “the first reaction is shock, then joy and then they don’t see my disability any longer”

Things get exotic, when we delve into the world of teeny weenie wild animals, including pocket sized, super sweet Sugar Gliders.

And last but definitely not least we explore the world of super-sized animals, including the world’s biggest bunny rabbit, Darius!

The world definitely seems to be getting smaller when it comes to the size of our pets.

For many of us, the smaller and the more pampered, the better. As Super Tiny Animals returns, the cute factor is off the scale and seeing is believing.