STUART WICKISON, 19, has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a condition that has confined him to a wheelchair and ventilator and will eventually kill him



Stuart has lived in a wheelchair his entire life and is cared for by his family

But despite needing a ventilator at night and only able to move a few fingers, Stuart is moving to Treloar College to study an art degree.

He will take the brave step of attending college - leaving home for the first time

The pioneering college is for severely disabled teenagers and allows them to live their life as normal.

Stuart, pictured with a career, hopes to live a normal life despite his disability

While Stuart is raring to move on to a new chapter of his life, his parents are having difficulty letting go. This uplifting intimate film follows Stuart on a remarkable journey, as he pushes himself beyond his limits, overcoming obstacles to achieve his dreams.