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Britain is bulging at the seams. Two thirds of us are overweight – and a quarter of us are now obese. In this episode, we meet the people with a big appetite.. for making money

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From the plus-sized entrepreneurs living the dream to the bosses cashing in on our ever expanding waistlines and the people turning their bodies into supersized money-making sex machines. Linda Koch is blazing a trail in the plus-sized world - and cashing in on her fuller figure with dating sites, club nights and fashion shows. Over in the States, sex sells and supersized sex is a big business. Mz Fluff weighs 52-stone and has set up her own website, charging people to watch her eat, sleep and even squeeze herself into tiny clothes.

She's literally putting her money where her mouth is – ploughing any profits back into her biggest asset. Because the more she eats, the more her fans love it.