‘Envy’ is a three-part documentary series that looks at the things – and body parts – we obsess about; we either want more of or we want bigger

Duration: 45:27 Minutes

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Distributor: Sky Vision

In part one of the series ‘Penis Envy’, we discover the extreme lengths some men will go to get an extreme length. For these men, size matters.

They’ll explore herbal growth pills, meditation and weight suspension. At the end of the programme, presenter Stephen K Amos will reveal the results of the experiment. Which techniques worked and which didn’t? And which of the men will be following the methods once the series has ended?

The show also casts opinion over the girls, guys and gays asking them what sort of penis they prefer. And the show also asks whether our penises have got bigger in the last 10 years, or if we're getting smaller. And is that the reason we’re shelling out more than ever for penis products?