‘Envy’ is a three-part documentary series that looks at the things – and body parts – we obsess about; we either want more of or we want bigger

Duration: 43:59 Minutes

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Distributor: Sky Vision

As a nation we want to get rich – and quick. We’re hooked on wannabe entrepreneur TV shows like ‘The Apprentice’ and obsessed with the National Lottery, which creates a new millionaire every seven days.

In ‘Envy’ part two ‘Money Envy’, presenter Stephen K Amos explorers the world of wannabe millionaires. Taking tips from experts like Alan Sugar, Simon Jordan and Theo Pathitis, Stephen gives money making a go himself.

We meet three big dreamers who fantasize about Ferraris, yachts and jets. ‘Money Envy’ follows the stories of:

A millionaire in debt who has just borrowed £3m and hopes to turn his fortune around by running a new business from a car park.

A playgirl living the jet set lifestyle who hopes to meet her millionaire match.

A posh lady with a £250m fortune who is building a new country mansion, breeding and racing horses and looking for love with a stable of toy boys.