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Trevor McDonald returns to the world of the Mafia, this time gaining unprecedented access to the wives, daughters and girlfriends of notorious gangsters

Duration: 43:57

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In this series, Trevor discovers how the choices these women have made affects their lives today and how those who grew up around the mob bear the scars of their father’s actions. In this episode, In this Trevor gets inside the lives of a secret community of ex-mobsters and their wives who are all in hiding from the Mafia. Trevor meets Marian Romano, the wife of one of the richest gangsters in mob history - a crooked Wall Street trader who made hundreds of millions in illegal stocks and shares for the mob... and himself. And somewhere in the Deep South, Trevor sits down for dinner with Donna Mangiavillano and her two daughters Stephanie and Victoria - and husband Salvatore who once made millions masterminding bank heists for the mob.