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This series is an exclusive glimpse inside the UK's only private maternity hospital, where everyone from Victoria Beckham to the Duchess of York has paid a premium for the ultimate pampered birth

Duration: 56:38

Territorial Rights: Worldwide exc. China, France, Israel, New Zealand

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In the second episode of this series, the Portland Hospital is put under intense pressure from the arrival of a wave of VIP’s - including a President’s daughter and a Premier League footballer’s wife - all paying a premium for the ultimate pampered birth. New staff member Phoebe admits her biggest fear is that they will all go into labour at exactly the same time. New midwife Rachel reveals the shock of going from a busy NHS ward delivering babies to doing more mundane jobs like brushing a patient’s hair. And we meet young Dad of four Nick whose humble upbringing means he takes the extreme Portland luxuries with a pinch of salt