The number of dog attacks on people in the UK has been rising dramatically for the past 30 years despite the introduction of the controversial Dangerous Dogs Act

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A dog lives in squalid conditions, surrounded by rubbish and a discarded chair

We call ourselves a nation of dog lovers but as Wild Picture’s hard-hitting 2 part series graphically shows something is going wrong.  

A 'dangerous dog' is kept in a cage

In London we see how the police and dog wardens vigorously enforce The Dangerous Dogs Act.

Dog warden Kelly Evans believes the cause of dangerous dogs are irresponsible owners

In Essex, a family pet of 6 years has turned on its owner and attacked him. Allan, the local dog warden, is called to remove the dog and have it put down.

A 'dangerous dog' is kept muzzled behind a cage after officials seize it

Meanwhile in Birmingham, Dog Warden Kelly Evans works tirelessly to address a root cause of Britain’s dangerous dog problem – irresponsible owners. 

With repeated visits to an owner Kelly hopes to prevent a situation getting out of hand.