Elective cosmetic surgery has never been more accepted and popular, from implants to liposuction to Botox and beyond. More and more people are getting their tummies tucked, their fat sucked and their boobs boosted

Duration: 50:22 Minutes

Distributor: Off The Fence Productions

This four-part documentary series - featuring unflinching operation room footage of medical procedures - dissects the industry to show both what's attractive about it, and also its uglier side.

'Cosmetic Surgery' Part 3 - 'Under The Knife' - follows the surgery stories of four people:

40-year-old George Connelly thinks that a more impressive head of hair will help to grow his business success, and also bag him more dates. Over the course of a year, he's undergoing three hair transplant processes, which will involve a series of holes being punched into his bald patch so that new follicles can be inserted into them… But will the whole plan prove to be worth it in the end?

Kimberly Reese has always hated her nose - so will rhinoplasty give her a new sense of freedom?

A lifetime in the sun has taken its toll on Debbie Bundy's skin. Might laser resurfacing treatment lift her complexion, and her spirits?

Lori Smith's skin became pigmented during pregnancy, so she's opted for a chemical peel to try to improve its tone. Is this the perfect solution, or is she labouring in vain?