Elective cosmetic surgery has never been more accepted and popular, from implants to liposuction to Botox and beyond. More and more people are getting their tummies tucked, their fat sucked and their boobs boosted

Duration: 50:21 Minutes

Distributor: Off The Fence Productions

This four-part documentary series - featuring unflinching operation room footage of medical procedures - dissects the industry to show both what's attractive about it, and also its uglier side.

'Cosmetic Surgery' Part 4 - 'The Cutting Edge' - joins five people on their transformational journeys:

39 year-old John Olsen has suffered for years because of his jagged smile - buck teeth and poorly fitting crowns have deeply affected his self-image and given him little reason to smile at all. Watch as Dr. Chris Mazzola transforms John's grin from ragged to ravishing with porcelain veneers.

Lisa Abels, the mother of four children, including twins, has tried everything to flatten her stomach after her last pregnancy - but nothing's quite worked. She's opted to undergo abdominoplasty to stitch her stomach muscles back in place, losing 2 pounds of excess skin and fat and slimming down from a size 14 to an 8.

Gloria Saborn had a full face lift in an attempt to reverse the years - but one year on, how does she feel about it?

Eva Barrington has a vision for her eyesight: she hopes that Lasik laser surgery will correct her near-sightedness in less than half an hour.

Finally, Clark Gross has his own eyes on Intacs, a procedure which implants tiny crescent-shaped lenses in the eyeball to correct visual impairments. Press play to see how it goes…