Elective cosmetic surgery has never been more accepted and popular, from implants to liposuction to Botox and beyond. More and more people are getting their tummies tucked, their fat sucked and their boobs boosted

Duration: 50:23 Minutes

Distributor: Off The Fence Productions

This four-part documentary series - featuring unflinching operation room footage of medical procedures - dissects the industry to show both what's attractive about it, and also its uglier side.

'Cosmetic Surgery' Part 2 - 'Creating Beauty' - follows the stories of several individuals who are changing their bodies for very different reasons:

13-year-old Jake Shafer has suffered through years of teasing because of his prominent ears. Called everything from 'Dumbo' to 'Monkey Boy', Jake was driven to the point of near suicide by the cruel taunts. He hopes that 'Otoplasty', or ear-pinning surgery, will change his life.

At just 5 feet tall with a 34DD bust, Jarri Schwartz is tired of being known as "the little girl with the big boobs" - so she's having them reduced.

Watch as Dr. Stanley Frileck performs the incredible surgery, which involves removing tissue and fat from Jarri's chest, and then re-draping the skin over her new, smaller breasts.

'Lunchtime surgeries' offer speedy ways to turn back time without going under the knife. 53 year-old Ruth Giorgi is opting to plump up her thinning lips by having fat taken from her hips and injected into her mouth… all in mere minutes.

Other high-speed surgeries featured include Botox injections, facial hair removal, laser teeth bleaching, and collagen injections to smooth out 'angry-looking' lines.

Finally, the programme also checks in on Julia Knight one year after her boob job, to see if the pain was worth the gain.