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World’s Weirdest Restaurants takes you to San Francisco to the famous “Tonga Room,” for an old-fashioned Polynesian Luau, complete with a roasted pig, limbo dancing and an indoor hurricane

Duration: 21:15

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Then we’re in Tokyo at the “Calico Cat Café,” which houses 53 resident cats. Customers who don’t own their own pets can have a snack while spending quality time with the cats—and we’ll stop in at the “Deco’s Dog Café”, where locals bring their prized pooches out to join them in some fine dining. We’ll swing down to Southern Florida to “Tundra” where you can chill out with all things icy — from cocktails served in shot glasses made of ice to tuna tartar presented on ice plates smoking with dry ice. In Japan, we’re going to prison at “Alcatraz ER” — there’s no escape from the mad-scientist themed Japanese cuisine, served up to you inside a cell by men in white coats.