‘Envy’ is a three-part documentary series that looks at the things – and body parts – we obsess about; we either want more of or we want bigger

Duration: 46:13 Minutes

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Distributor: Sky Vision

Breast augmentations are one of the most common surgical operations in the UK – and it appears size really does matter.

In ‘Envy’ part three ‘Boob Envy’, presenter Thalia Zuccia explores why we are a nation obsessed with breasts and whether big boobs really equal a boost in happiness.

We follow the journey of a group of women who are unhappy with their chest size. Through push-up bras, bust firming creams, tit tape and boob jobs these girls discover whether happiness is down to your cup size.

We also discover when boobs go bad as Thalia meets former patients who have had a nightmare at the hands of inexperienced doctors.

And finally we find out if any of the treatments to get better breasts have worked, are the testers happier with their boobs, and do they still think the answer lies in going under the knife?