‘Body Image’ is a four-part series of full-length documentaries exploring modern body issues

Duration: 50:21 Minutes

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Distributor: Off The Fence Productions

Part 1 – ‘Obesity: A Deadly Risk’ – examines the genetic and environmental factors that have lead to the current global obesity epidemic.

At present, the United States is one of the fattest nations on earth, where a number of the population are considered heavy enough to seriously endanger their health. ‘Obesity: A Deadly Risk’ follows four overweight Americans who are trying to shape up in order to change – perhaps even save – their own lives:

Bob Hyman, 45, is spending $6,000 on a four-week stay at the world-famous Duke Diet and Fitness Center, where he aims to figure out what drives him to over-eat, and stop his dangerous dining habits.

Joanne Harris, a nurse who weighs a mighty 310 pounds, is so morbidly obese that she may not survive much longer unless she loses weight – yet she’s tried every diet going. Now she’s turning to gastric bypass surgery, and hopes that this drastic operation to reduce her stomach to the size of her thumb will help her to lose nearly half of her present bodyweight.

10-year-old Allie Rodriguez and 8-year-old Carly Campbell weigh 110 and 102 pounds – meaning they’re lessening their chances of safely growing older. They’re enrolling in a unique California-based scheme called Kidshape, where they and their families will learn about healthier eating and exercise.

The documentary also hears from Walter Lindstrom, an obesity advocate who believes that being fat is the last health taboo, and visits Pennington Bio-Medical Labs in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where cutting-edge research is being undertaken into how people’s size can be affected by their genes.

‘Body Image’ Part 1- ‘Obesity: A Deadly Risk’ is essential viewing for anyone interested in one of the BIGGEST issues concerning human health today.