Part 4 – ‘Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong’ – tells the tale of a selection of ordinary people who underwent plastic surgery, but for whom the results were disappointing, devastating… or even deadly:

Duration: 50:21 Minutes

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Distributor: Off The Fence Productions

42-year-old television reporter Mary Nissenson was left with nerve damage and in chronic, crushing pain following a face lift.

Jane Verdeck, 50, wanted to erase sun damage and wrinkles, but ended up severely burned when carbon dioxide laser skin resurfacing went horribly awry.

A massive bacterial infection after Lasik eye surgery almost rendered David Hart blind.

27-year-old Jody Canter and 38-year-old Leah Carlson both sought liposuction and ended up with poor results: Jody’s case was fixable, but Leah almost lost her legs and is still paying for her choice five years later.

When Judy, the wife of Ruben Fernandez, died after 12 hours on the liposuction surgery table, grief drove him to fight for new laws governing cosmetic surgery safety.

Finally, we hear from Jeanette Bernal, a Cuban immigrant who was a victim of unlicensed doctor Reinaldo Sylvestri – who operated in Florida, where a disturbingly high incidence of cosmetic surgery deaths occur.